On International Women’s Day, Speak Out for Israeli Women

As we mark International Women’s Day this year, 14 Israeli women remain in captivity in Gaza. In addition, many people around the world continue to deny the horrific gender-based war crimes Hamas perpetrated on October 7.

Hadassah Foundation grantees have been at the forefront advocating for Israeli women in these beyond difficult times. It is only because of their activism — and that of Jewish women worldwide — that the United Nations finally launched an investigation, reporting earlier this week that it had “clear and convincing information” of Hamas’ widespread rape and sexualized torture on October 7 and its ongoing abuse of hostages.

In addition to the plight of the hostages and widespread trauma related to October 7, Israeli women are currently facing increased rates of domestic violence, major economic challenges and a government led almost entirely by men.

Here are four things you can do tomorrow for International Women’s Day:

  1. Learn about the #EndTheSilence campaign organized by our friends at Hadassah, The Women’s Zionist Organization of America; share their videos; and sign their petition.
  2. Publicize the plight of Israeli women hostages and advocate to bring them home now. You can find videos and other materials here.
  3. Contact your legislators to demand the release of the hostages in Gaza.
  4. Support the Hadassah Foundation so that we can help meet the growing needs in Israel while continuing to support our U.S.-based grantee organizations.


Photo: Ruth Halperin-Kaddari of the Rackman Center, a Hadassah Foundation grantee organization, speaks at a demonstration calling on the global community to condemn Hamas. (Courtesy of the Rackman Center)

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