For Grantseekers

Grants to Organizations in Israel & the united states

We award grants in four categories to Israeli and U.S. organizations and are accepting applications for our Core grants until February 7, 2023 at 12 p.m. ET.  Learn more here. If you represent an organization that meets the guidelines listed below, and would like to be notified about other requests for proposals, please send an email to with a brief description of your organization and your contact information.

    Advancing Women and Girls

    We fund organizations and projects that advance the status of women and girls in Israel and the American Jewish community. In 2023, we are focusing on projects and/or organizations that accelerate progress toward the advancement of women and girls in public and private spaces, such as workplaces, corporate and nonprofit boards, schools, social settings, and religious institutions. In Israel, this could also include government and military institutions. Funding is available for a variety of strategies and activities that address biases in hiring and advancement or that increase the number and influence of women in leadership. These might include (but not limited to) creating research and position papers; training, mentoring, and network building; advocacy, education, and community organizing; and building and strengthening institutional and communal alliances.

    Social Change

    Social change philanthropy focuses on the root causes of problems, working to improve the conditions that lead to inequality. HF seeks to promote lasting change by addressing the underlying obstacles that impede the full participation of women and girls in society. This approach is unlike traditional charity, which often seeks to ameliorate the symptoms of societal problems—for example, by providing medicine and treatment for the sick, funds for the poor, or shelters for the homeless and battered. We are interested in how your program influences and brings about change in: how an issue is defined, individuals’ behaviors, increasing community engagement, policies and systems, and/or maintaining past gains in these areas. As part of this mission, we strongly encourage the active participation of women and girls in the governance of organizations that we support.



    • Organization Status: Applicants in Israel or their fiscal sponsors must have amutah or mossad tziburi status. Applicants in the United States or their fiscal sponsors must have 501(c)3 legal status.
    • Geography: Applicants in Israel must apply for funding for a program that takes place in Israel. Applicants in the United States must apply for a program that takes place in the United States.
    • Population: Programs in Israel may be directed toward all populations in Israel. Programs in the United States must have a portion of their programming directed to the Jewish community. Grants are awarded for programs that work with people of all ages. 
    • Joint Projects: Organizations may apply independently or in collaboration.

    We do NOT fund:

    • Capital campaigns
    • Endowments
    • Partisan political activities
    • Direct services  (Exception is made for emergency grantmaking) 
    • Individuals
    • Scholarships