For Grantseekers

Grants to Organizations in Israel

Each summer, we issue an closed invitation to submit a grant proposal to Israeli organizations. If you are an Israeli organization that meets the guidelines listed below, and would like to be included in the next invitation to apply for a grant, please send an email to with a brief description of your organization and your contact information.


    Grants to Organizations in the United States

    Late winter, we issue an open request for proposal to organizations in the United States. If you are a US-based organization that meets the guidelines listed below, and would like to be notified when we send out the next request for proposal, please sign up to receive US Grants notifications.


    Grant Guidlines

    Grants are for two-year terms and funding amounts are up to $70,000, paid over two years. Organizations applying for funding must promote gender equality of positions in of power in Israel or the United States. Funded programs have one or more of the following goals:

    • Leadership advancement: initiatives that increase the number and capacity of women in positions of leadership.
    • Breaking glass ceilings: initiatives that enable all people opportunities to succeed in their chosen fields.
    • Political representation: initiatives that increase female representation through policy and public service.
    • Eliminating religious barriers that create unequal and/or separate playing fields for women: ensuring pluralistic interpretations of religion that do not infringe on women’s rights or create barriers suppressing women.

    Social Change

    Social change philanthropy focuses on the root causes of problems, working to improve the conditions that lead to inequality. HF seeks to promote lasting change by addressing the underlying obstacles that impede the full participation of women and girls in society. This approach is unlike traditional charity, which often seeks to ameliorate the symptoms of societal problems—for example, by providing medicine and treatment for the sick, funds for the poor, or shelters for the homeless and battered.

    We are interested in how your program influences and brings about change in: how an issue is defined, individuals’ behaviors, increasing community engagement, policies and systems, and/or maintaining past gains in these areas.

    As part of this mission, we strongly encourage the active participation of women and girls in the governance of organizations that we support.




    • Organization Status: Applicants in Israel or their fiscal sponsors must have amutah or mossad tziburi status. Applicants in the United States or their fiscal sponsors must have 501(c)3 legal status.
    • Geography: Applicants in Israel must apply for funding for a program that takes place in Israel. Applicants in the United States must apply for a program that takes place in the United States.
    • Population: Programs in Israel may be directed toward all populations in Israel. Programs in the United States must have a portion of their programming directed to the Jewish community. Grants are awarded for programs that work with people of all ages. 
    • Joint Projects: Organizations may apply independently or in collaboration.
    • Current Grant Recipients: The Hadassah Foundation will fund the same program for a maximum of two, 2-year grants cycles (or up to four years in total.) An existing grant recipient can apply for a new grant for a different program that begins at the completion of their existing grant.

    We do NOT fund:

    • Capital campaigns
    • Endowments
    • Partisan political activities
    • Direct services  (Exception is made for emergency grantmaking) 
    • Individuals
    • Scholarships