The Hadassah Foundation Awards $500,000 to Organizations Committed to Gender Equality in Positions of Power During Time of Need for Women’s Leadership

The Hadassah Foundation is pleased to announce its 2020 grant recipients in Israel and the United states that are making it possible for women to advance in all spheres of their life.

These grants come at a time when women’s leadership is desperately needed. Women are being especially hard-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Internationally, women are facing an increased rate of job loss as compared to men, are a disproportionate number of essential workers in frontline-health and caretaking jobs, undergoing more mental health ramifications, and are experiencing increased rates of sexual exploitation, forced marriage, and domestic violence. Despite these facts, in the US and Israel, there is a staggeringly low number of women, if any, appointed to COVID-19 taskforces.

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