321 Jewish girls from nine countries and 34 US states have their voices heard and matter.

Women only account for 30 percent of the leadership of Jewish communal organizations and produce less than one-third of the news media. To help change these statistics, space had to be made to create a new type of community.

The Hadassah Foundation grantee organization jGirls Magazine is the first online magazine written by and for Jewish teen girls. Increasing their readership by 25 percent in the past year, jGirls reaches 20,000 readers from 60 countries.

jGirls Magazine Editorial Board Alumnae Alyx Bernstein (left) and Sasha Hochman (right) participate in an editorial board retreat. (Photo Credit: Shulamit Photo + Video)
Participants explore their ideas and voices through their contributions, build self-esteem, and increase their engagement in the Jewish community. Their distinctive editorial board provides 28 teens with board leadership and online curating experience.

“I felt like my voice was worthless, but now I know that I have a space where my voice can be heard. Where I can be powerful and loud without feeling like I am being judged or mocked. I want all girls to know what that feels like.”                                                                

-Alyx Bernstein, jGirls Editorial Board Alumna and college student