We are so excited to announced that in honor of our Chai (18th) Year of grant making, the Hadassah Foundation is conducting two contests–an essay and video competition–for high school students! 
We’ve had 18 years to demonstrate what it means to be a Jewish feminist via our grant making, and we want to encourage the next generation to take their identities as Jewish feminists seriously, too!  So we are seeking submissions–no more than 500-600 words or one minute of video in length–that address one of the following set of questions:
1) What are your aspirations as a female Jewish leader in your community?  How do you want to change or add to the world?   OR
2) Which Jewish female leader, past or present, inspires you, and why? How has she influenced your dreams and aspirations?

The essay contest winner will have a one-on-one meeting via phone or videoconference with Anita Diamant, author of “The Red Tent,” several guides to Jewish practice, and the New York Times best-seller, “The Boston Girl;” and the winner’s work may also be published in Hadassah Magazine. 

The video contest winner will have an opportunity to have a one-on-one meeting with Amanda Lipitz, a Tony Award Broadway producer and documentary filmmaker, via telephone or videoconference; and the winner’s work may also be featured on the Hadassah Foundation’s web site and/or in a video about the Hadassah Foundation’s Chai Year.  Ms. Lipitz served as Executive Producer and Creator of MTV’s groundbreaking series Legally Blonde the Musical: The Search for Elle Woods; her documentary, STEP, was shown at the Sundance Festival and will be distributed by FOX Searchlight.     
All entries must be submitted electronically, along with an official entry form, BY 5:00 PM EST MONDAY, JULY 10, 2017.
A copy of the guidelines, and the entry form, can be downloaded here.