250 Israeli Jewish and Arab teens come together to discuss pressing issues impacting their lives. 

Jewish and Arab high school girls in Israel often live in close proximity, yet they are not afforded the opportunity to get to know one another. Thanks to grantee partner SHIN:The Israeli Movement for Equal Representation of Women, teen girls of diverse backgrounds participate in facilitated conversations about women’s rights, partake in leadership development programming, and meet members of the Knesset.

In turn, the teens increase their involvement in their local municipalities and become stronger advocates for gender equality. The connections they make lead to reduced hostility, foster respect, and create new friendships.
”When we just started the activity, I thought that it will be nice to meet the Jewish girls. It was also a chance to practice Hebrew as in my circles in the village we speak only Arabic. With time I have come to appreciate the seminars and the meetings…I became more aware of gender unjust situations and it made me determined to do something about it. Our wonderful facilitator helped me decide my future as a young woman.”         
-Nazima Amash, SHIN program participant and high school student