Last week, the Hadassah Foundation was excited to host Sari Revkin (pictured above, on the left), the Executive Director of Yedid,  one our grantees.
But the excitement extended beyond hearing about the latest developments at the Jerusalem-based Yedid, which, through a Foundation grant, is helping women assert their economic rights in Israel.  This spring, Sari was awarded the “Women Change-Maker” prize by The Rappaport Family Trust and La’Isha Magazine, a 120,000 Israeli Shekel award (approximately $35,000) for a woman who has created change in the public, social, or economic sphere in Israel.

Under her leadership, Yedid has assisted thousands of families from low-income and other  vulnerable populations to break free from the cycle of poverty, access their rights, and secure their futures in Israel.
Mazel tov!