Women in Israel suffer from the socio-economic trends of increasing inequality and decreasing opportunities for advancement, but have little ability to promote change as they are underrepresented in decision-making bodies. 

Meet WePower, a non-profit, non-partisan NGO with the goal of proactively promoting women’s leadership at the highest levels of decision-making and elected office. Their programs identify, train, and advance women in leadership positions, particularly within the Israel government.

Here are a few of WePower’s notable achievements:

  • Twenty participants of WePower ran for mayoral positions in the 2018 municipal elections.
  • Approximately 25 percent of their graduates have run for political office.
  • Six women who partook in WePower’s programs serve in the 24th Knesset Members.

“The meetings with WePower were life-changing for me. The encouragement, learning, and support, made me feel safe, brought back to me the desire to put myself in the front, and increased my self-confidence.”

Knesset Member Yasmine Fridman

Eleven of the 29 Knesset Members, including MK Yasmine Fridman, third from the left, (quoted above) took a picture in front of the Knesset Building wearing pink masks and brooches during Breast Cancer Awareness Month to raise awareness of the disease. (photo credit: JPost/Elysaf Rubinstein)