On International Women’s Day, Introducing Our Strategic Plan

This year is a time of significant challenges for women, particularly in Israel where women’s representation in the national government is at a record low and a judicial overhaul threatens to erase key legal gains. Itach Ma’aki (pictured above) is one of several Hadassah Foundation grantees on the front lines right now defending democracy and women’s rights.

To mark International Women’s Day, we are sharing highlights of our ambitious strategic plan to step up our support for women and girls in Israel and the American Jewish community. We hope you will join us in this work!

Grounded in our Jewish and feminist values and embracing the principles of trust-based philanthropy, we have identified new and exciting opportunities that will guide our work in the next three years and beyond:

  • Diversifying our grant portfolio.
  • Responding to critical changing needs and focusing on specifc areas where we can have the greatest impact.
  • Bridging the Israeli and U.S. feminist communities.
  • Increasing trust, transparency, and collaboration.
  • Catalyzing the field of gender equity.

Learn more here.


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