War In Israel

Our Response So Far

The devastation, loss, and trauma that the October 7th attacks caused in Israel and among Jewish people around the world has undoubtedly impacted every aspect of our work. In response, our ongoing actions and grantmaking aim to: address the immediate, pressing needs of women and children in Israel; call-out the US-based and international entities that have failed to uphold their missions of protecting all women; and ensure that women are adequately represented in Israel’s decision-making regarding the war and its aftermath.


Since Oct. 7, the Hadassah Foundation has made several emergency grants:

+$36,000 to Hadassah, The Women’s Zionist Organization of America (HWZOA) to support the trauma care at its hospitals

+$10,000 to Jewish Federations of North America’s Israel Crisis Fund;

+$20,000 in discretionary grants to Itach Ma’aki: Women Lawyers for Social Justice, Israel Women’s Network, the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel, and Beit Ruth Therapeutic Village.


On December 19th, the Hadassah Foundation, along with 21 co-sponsoring organizations, hosted a webinar on the War’s Impact on Women in Israel. Find follow-up resources from the speakers and cosponsors here.

Building The Field

With Elluminate, the Hadassah Foundation launched and co-led the Jewish Women’s Collective Response Fund, a collective of 11 Jewish women’s organizations that in May 2024 awarded grants of $25,000 each to support, elevate and empower Israeli women in the aftermath of October 7. (The grants are in addition to the Hadassah Foundation’s regular grantmaking for 2024.) Learn more.

We are working with larger funders to make women a priority in their Israel emergency allocations by providing them with up-to-date information about the needs of women in Israel and available resources.

Below, are a few examples of our grantee organizations’ vital and impressive work in the aftermath of October 7. 


In January, the Hadassah Foundation joined HWZOA, National Council of Jewish Women, and Jewish Women International (a Hadassah Foundation grant recipient) and 55 other concerned organizations in a letter to United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres demanding the UN conduct an independent, complete, unbiased investigation into the reports and documented evidence of Hamas’ rape, mutilation, gender-based violence and murder of Israeli women and girls, and pursue vigorous prosecution to hold Hamas terrorists accountable. The coalition also called for the UN to demand that Hamas release the hostages it continues to hold, including women and girls, especially in light of evidence showing continued torture and abuse. Learn more here.

+Immediately following the Oct. 7th attacks, Hadassah Foundation, jointly with Hadassah, The Women’s Zionist Organization of America (HWZOA) issued a response to the statements made by the UN Secretary General and by UN Women that failed to:

+address the severity of the gender-based crimes committed,

+recognize or aim to protect those who were abducted as innocent hostages, and

+condemn the brutal attack committee by Hamas.

+Hadassah Foundation was one of over 140 organizations to sign-on to a Call for Urgent Action – Response of Women’s Rights Organizations to UN Women’s Statement on Oct. 7.

Responses from Our
Grantee Organizations

Forum Dvorah

Photo: Joel Carillet

Forum Dvorah

Forum Dvorah is the only organization in Israel focusing on gender equality in the fields of national security and foreign policy. It manages an Israel-based network of over 200 women in key swell as a separate network for an emerging generation of women in these fields.

Since October 7, Forum Dvorah has been working behind the scenes to increase the number of women involved in key decision-making discussions regarding the war, including hostage negotiations, which had no women present until Forum Dvorah intervened. It is also documenting the experiences of women during the war and the numerous successes of women in the military, particularly in combat positions.

Read our Q&A with Forum Dvorah leadership.

Jewish Women International

Jewish Women International

In the United States, Jewish Women International empowers women and girls of all backgrounds to live free from violence, be financially independent, and excel in leadership positions. This year, among JWI’s many accomplishments, it led an amicus brief to the Supreme Court to keep firearms out of the hands of violent abusers and held monthly training webinars led by the country’s top experts on domestic violence and sexual assault prevention and response.

In learning about the the inaction and silence of UN Women and international women’s organizations after the gender-based war crimes were committed by Hamas on October 7th, JWI quickly made supporting Israel among its top advocacy priorities. Bringing its strategic and strong advocacy to international levels, JWI spurred hundreds of US-based organizations, communal leaders, and elected officials to speak out and show their unequivocal support for Israel.

More Grantee Responses

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