The idea for the pilot of the Jewish Communal Women’s
Leadership Project stemmed in part from needs that were heard
at JWI’s Jewish Women’s Leadership Conference, pictured above.
(Photo courtesy of JWI) 

To date, 70 percent of Jewish communal organizational professionals are women, yet women only comprise 30 percent of the top leadership positions. This statistic needs to be changed now, as an estimated 75-90 percent of the nation’s roughly 10,000 Jewish organizations will require new leaders within the next five years.

That is why The Hadassah Foundation is supporting JWI’s pilot initiative, the Jewish Communal Women’s Leadership Project, which clears the path for senior-level professional women to ascend to top executive positions in the Jewish community.

In addition to career-building tactics, the project focuses on ways to change the entire field of Jewish communal organizations with safe and equitable workplaces. Emphasis is also placed on ways to effectively mentor  the next generation of women leaders.


I consider myself very fortunate to be a part of the JWI Leadership Project cohort. It’s like being gifted a lifetime of career and personal mentorship in the space of a year…I am pleased to share that I advocated for a raise after the first session and was successful! The confidence and skills came directly from the leadership project. 

-Michelle Malet, Program Participant and Director of Development at the Capital Jewish Museum in Washington, DC.